I’M JUST CURIOUS: Hiding your treasures

by Debbie Walker

Some people have money/jewelry they prefer to keep in a “hidy hole” (oops, that’s day care speak) instead of a safety deposit box. Sometimes when you need your hidden treasure, if it’s in your home it is available to you 24/7.

In hiding your treasures there are some of what I see as common and well known. My favorite, new to me, is to cut open (slit) a tennis ball and put treasure inside. Who is going to steal tennis balls? Following are some of the suggestions you might use for your hidden treasure:

Toilet tanks – You would stuff your things in a jar. Place inside the tank. Make sure nothing is taped inside the lid.

Freezers – Credit cards and cash frozen in blocks of ice and plastic zipper, freezer bags.

Pantries – Try cereal boxes, flower bags and coffee cans. (The coffee can reference reminded me of my friend whose dad used to distrust the bank or anyone else. He would bury the coffee cans in his garden. We often wondered how he knew where they all were.)

Bookshelves – You can buy hollowed-out Bibles and dictionaries online. Or you can just slip the money or credit card into any book and just be careful where you choose the book. (I think I would pick one of my cookbooks that I never use, at least they would now have a purpose.)

Underfloor boards – Construction is done a little differently these days. I have found hidden places in the back of drawers that come out. Also, you can pick an area behind a moveable piece of furniture and lift the carpet in that one spot and slip the money into.

Your closet – a thief would have a lot of work to do to get to my stash. They would get tired looking.

Drawers – This is one of the places I wouldn’t bother because they like looking in the woman’s drawer. Might be the first place some would look. There are some dressers that have the top that opens to show a hiding place. It might work, it’s called “out of sight, out of mind”.

Air vent: the robber probably didn’t watch any NCIS shows recently. They always look there for valuables

In a clock: I like this one and, of course, my wall clock would be my choice.

Jar or container: in a smaller inside jar surrounded by nuts and put in kitchen cabinet.

Bird house: You can use an unoccupied bird house to keep your spare keys. You should screen off the entrance to birds.

Diaper: You are at the beach and have no place for your keys, use a clean one!

Curtain: Some hems on curtains are open and would be an excellent place to hide small things.

Socks: Socks in your draw can be a great hiding place. A folded pair of socks will work because no one is likely to checking every pair.

Vases – An opaque vase conceals money quite well. Throw some fake flowers in and no one will ever notice.

There are probably many more than I have here, but I have run out of time.

I’m just curious where your favorite hiding place is. Contact me with questions or comments at DebbieWalker@townline.org. Be careful and stay warm.


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