I’M JUST CURIOUS: Little things matter (continued…)

by Debbie Walker

Good afternoon! Grab a cup of your choice and relax. In this column I am sharing a few “memories” I received from our readers. It’s a follow up to “It’s the Little things That Matter” column from the August 6 issue. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. Hopefully, these will bring more memories of your own.

One of my readers sent me a copy of a eulogy her daughter wrote and presented at the grandfather’s funeral. I wish I could share the entire writing because it was beautiful and yet more proof that the memories of the ‘little’ things are so important. In the eulogy I saw no mention of how much money he spent on his grandkids, just activities they enjoyed. It is particularly important to recognize that she is proud of his character over his life and her grandparents having been married for 61 years. Thank you for sharing, Peg.

Another woman remembered some simple words that made a difference in her life as a mom. “If you run now you will run for the rest of your life.” Those quite simple words came the first time the Mom had let her toddler play outside with her cousin, and her little one fell and puckered up to cry. The new grandmother stood with the new mother and watched the incident, guess what. That new grandmother knew what she was talking about. So far, this wisdom has traveled down to what certainly will be this new fourth generation. Thank you, Alice.

My mother told me once, “If you don’t make a big deal out of it, they won’t.” And, oh my goodness, how true it was to me over the years of motherhood and nanahood. What you don’t realize at first is how this will help to keep all involved calmer over the years. Thank goodness, you realize eventually this wisdom will help to keep the drama down. No matter how scared you are if you force yourself to react calmly you can make it easier for those involved.

Yet another lady told me a story about her adult nephew. He asked her to go out with him one night, just the two of them and she did. She learned how important the little things are. He reminded her of her bringing pool toys with her when they were on a family camping weekend. She took these toys for the nephews and little niece and she had toys for each. He realized somewhere along the line that while they were having fun they were also learning skills and endurance. There was nothing fancy about the toys, it was the time spent that he remembered. He said they always knew they could go to her for fun. They both remember that wonderful evening.

Hope you enjoy these comments and when you are ready to send me yours, I will be right here.

Before I finish, I have to tell you a story. Have you been getting calls from people wanting to sell you extended warrantees for your car or possibly threats from “IRS” and you owing money and will be arrested that afternoon? Well, Nana Dee got a different one. She got the call from a Medicare/Medicaid representative telling her about her son Ray calling them and requesting a back brace this afternoon. She asked when he had called and was told it was last week. She said she didn’t realize he had been having back pain, she didn’t think he needed a back brace. Ready to start his speech she stopped and informed him that Ray had died five years ago. That ole boy was tripping all over his tongue!

I am just curious what you will send me next!! Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org. Thank you so much for reading and have a great week.


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