I’M JUST CURIOUS: New Year thought

by Debbie Walker

I didn’t plan to do a New Year’s column this week but a conversation with my nephew, Josh, last week I decided I wanted to share with you. I learned that he has an excitement about the family history. He has been doing a great job of pulling it all together. He called me, I’m the oldest, wondering if I could fill in a few holes for him and I did, but he still has more questions.

Have you ever noticed there is usually at least one person in the family who is interested in past generations and their stories? Have you ever been the one digging around and learning new ways to research? It all can be very frustrating and there are times of great excitement.

My dad knew that I would sit and listen to him talk about the family history. I had an extra treat because I spent quite a few hours sitting by my great-grandmother’s feet listening to her talk about her days as a traveling nurse, travels were by horse and buggy. I could listen to her forever. So in our family it was dad and I. If dad were still alive, he would be so thrilled to know Josh has more than shown an interest.

I did a program years back called Journaling for the Generations. I was interested in the people I was talking with learning that they don’t have to put information in a chronological order. My thought was to make a “Memory Jar”. This was used in my family. You put out a big jar or basket with a pen and note pad next to it. When you have a memory of your family or about jobs you may have had, etc. Three ladies I sit with know their children don’t know and wouldn’t care.

You have to remember you are leaving this information for anyone in the future who might be interested and if you aren’t aware of anyone now I will guarantee someone will come forward with interest. When that person becomes aware of the info they will so enjoy it.

It couldn’t be an easier process. You don’t have to put any of your info in any order. It would be helpful if you could put the years or your age at the time of the activity taking place.

I don’t believe there is anyone in my family interested at this point in time but I also know they would not throw any of my writing away. Someone, someday will hear that I was a writer and they will be interested in reading some of it. They will probably have to shake of the dust!

I am changing gears now. I would like to thank you all for reading and for the wonderful comments you have given me. I am wishing you the Happiest and Healthiest New Year.

I am just curious how you feel about resolutions, share with me, please. You can always contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org.


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