I’M JUST CURIOUS: One more week of fun marital questions

by Debbie Walker

Last week you saw A Little Fun and the first part of the little test for couples. How did you do with the first one? The original came from a book titled Humor for a Woman’s Heart. The test was written by Bill and Pam Farrel. And here is the second part:

10. His idea of the perfect honeymoon is:

A. A week in the Poconos. B. A Mediterranean cruise. C. Anything under a hundred bucks.

11. The phrase “not in your lifetime” refers to:

A. Him cleaning the bathroom. B. Her cleaning the gutters. C. Either of you ever cleaning the stuff that grows under the vegetable crisper in the refrigerator.

12. When you think about the love letters you used to write when you were courting, you’re reminded:

A. Of a passion that burned like ancient Rome. B. Of a love that will last for an eternity. C. The writing corny love letters is not a crime.

13. Often men and women will show subtle signs of stress and strain in different ways. For each way listed below, choose the most appropriate gender.

A. Punch inanimate object, such as door or steering wheel. Male, Female, Either. B. Make sniffling noises and sigh heavily. Male , Female, Either. C. Blame clubs, bats, bowling balls, for poor athletic performance. Male, Female, Either. D. Clamp hands over face and weep. When questioned, keep saying, “Oh, nothing” over and over. Male, Female, Either.

14. When the both of you attend church together, it is best for the husband to wear:

A. A dark suit. B. A tuxedo. C. Whatever his wife picks out.

15. When the waiter asks what you’d like for a dessert, a wife’s most common response is:

A. “Chocolate mousse, please.” B. “I’ll try the cheesecake.” C. “Oh, nothing for me. I’ll just have a teensy bite of his.”

16. Your husband tries on his high school jacket and finds he can no longer snap it up.

A wife’s best response is: A. “Maybe it shrunk.” B. “I like you a little less skinny.” C.”That jacket would look dumb on a bald guy anyway.”

18. Your spouse is snoring. You should:

A. Accept it as a minor flaw in an otherwise perfect mate. B. Gently nudge him and say, “Roll over, dear.” C. Put a pair of sweatpants over his head and tighten the tie.

22. TRUE or FALSE: The husband often lets his wife answer the telephone because it’s usually for her anyway. FALSE: The husband often lets his wife answer the telephone because, if he doesn’t, he may end up talking to her mother.

23. The phrase most often heard when the two of you are alone in a quiet setting is:

A. “I love you.” B. “I need you.” C. “Zzzzzzzzz.”

27. (Wife question) To prove your love for your husband, you would gladly:

A. Climb the highest mountain. B. Swim the deepest ocean. c. Put gas in the car at one of those self-serve places where the risk of a broken fingernails a constant threat.

So how did you do? You probably noticed I skipped a few numbers, but I wanted to finish this week. I am just curious how you did. Contact me at DebbieWalker@townline.org I will be waiting. Want to share? Have a happy, healthy week. Thanks for reading!


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