Thanksgiving pies made to order

Submitted by Connie Bellet

Just because we can’t have big Thanksgiving gatherings doesn’t mean we can’t have an elegant pie to finish off the most celebrated dinner of the year. Several of Palermo’s Food Pantry volunteers are seeking to raise money to keep the Community Center’s heat on and the freezers running so our neighbors can continue to pick up food for their families on a weekly basis. We are baking traditional pies with local pumpkins, apples, and berries to order so you can pick them up on November 25. For only $10, you might choose a pumpkin, apple, pecan, chocolate creme, or peanut butter creme pie. Pumpkin with a pecan crust is $13, and the apple pie with a cheddar crust is $15. Except for the apple pie with cheddar crust, which is bigger, these are all 9-inch pies.

Orders must be in by November 18. Please call Pauline at 993-3033, or leave a message for Connie at 993-2294. They will call you on November 25 so you can pick up pies at the Palermo Community Center, and pay cash. This will be as contact-free as possible, with curbside pickup just off the deck. There will only be about 30 pies available, so place your order as soon as possible. If you have a special request, please let Pauline know.

LETTERS: Smiles, waves and happy birthday

To the editor:

Smiles, waves and happy birthday was the reception I received as I was returning to my car after voting at the Palermo Town Office.

But wait – I am getting ahead of myself.

When I went to the end of the long line of masked people waiting to vote, the couple that just got in line told me to go in front of them. Soon a lady asked me to get in line in front of her, then another asked me to do the same. A man pointed to a place where I could sit down and said he would save a place before him for me.

I’m unsure if that was the man who found a larger cooler, brought it for me to use. When he asked to put the cooler in place, the person at the very front told him to put the cooler before him. All this time a lady from the line let me use her shoulder to help my balance.

This lady asked me what happened to my legs, and I replied that nothing happened to them, that it was just old age creeping in. Then I added that it was my birthday and I just turned 94. When I asked her name, she gave it to me. I recognized it immediately and told her we were neighbors. (Not really, but I pass her house when going to Route 3.)

I was treated with the same respect and kindness when inside and Dave, a man who was working inside, said he would help me to my car. That brings me back to the smiles, waves and greetings I received.

At one o’clock that afternoon, the Palermo Library opened its door for the monthly meeting of the Palermo Quilt Club. All state and local restrictions were obeyed. Unbeknownst to me, one member of the quilt club was in the voting line. She hurried home and made a large chocolate chip cookie (4 – 5 inches) and put a candle in the middle. She brought it to me, lit the candle and everyone sang happy birthday to me.

I thank everyone in that long line for helping me and also the members of the quilt club who made this day a wonderful memory. I also thank everyone in Palermo for the kindness they have shared with me and my family since I traded being a “Buckeye” from Ohio, to a “Mainiac” from Maine. Or, as my grandchildren say, “from a worthless nut to a Mainiac.”

Joan L. Robertson

Sheepscot Lake Association completes another year

by Slater Claudel
President, Sheepscot Lake Association

I hope this finds you and your family safe and well! 2020 has already proven to be a year like no other. By the time you receive this, it would be great if we were on a path to something more normal! The COVID-19 outbreak and related social distancing orders have caused many unexpected changes for us all, however, the Sheepscot Lake Association was still very active.

Although we were unable to have our annual meeting in person we were able to connect with one another by letter, emails, Facebook, and the ever so popular Zoom program that allowed us to have interactive meetings in a virtual setting. We had several people interested in serving on the board of directors for the SLA and were able to hold our elections thanks to your responses over social media and mail. We were also able to continue with our courtesy boat inspection team at the boat landing, and had an amazing boat parade on the Sheepscot over the 4th of July. There were also many great days to enjoy some fishing, swimming, campfires and breathtaking sunsets.

Our Loon Count program, headed up by Joe Burke, was a huge success this year as well. It started out as a heavy fog that morning but the persistence of the team of volunteers paid off as they identified a number of loons on the pond.

With Fall now quickly settling in over the lake, we see many are preparing for the change of the seasons. Docks are being pulled out and boats put away for the winter but if you are like me… I just had to keep my boat in a little longer to enjoy the water and take in all the beautiful colors of the trees around the lakes and on the distant hills. Just can’t get enough of what our lake offers us and yes, I, too, will be looking forward to old man winter and the fun of ice fishing, snowshoeing, skating, and the many fires we will cozy up to and keep warm.

The annual dues from our membership help to fund the critical programs summarized above. We also rely on and appreciate the contribution from the town of Palermo each year supported by the taxpayers of Palermo. If you would like to become a member of the Sheepscot Lake Association, or to renew your membership this year, you can send a check payable to Sheepscot Lake Association to:

Sheepscot Lake Association
P.O. Box 300
Palermo, ME 04354

or via PayPal at our website: The dues are $20/person, $30/household, or $50/patron. Please share this email with any neighbors or friends who would like to join and support the lake. We need to grow our membership! You can also follow us on Facebook.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and if I do not see you on the lake this winter, I look forward to seeing you upon your return to Sheepscot.

Bottle drive to benefit food pantries

Through October, recyclable bottles are being collected to benefit the Palermo, Liberty, and Montville Food pantries. Bottles may be dropped off at the porch of the Palermo Community Center anytime, or at Nancy Bartlett’s home, at 801 Acadia, across from the 10-4 Diner. Bartlett’s hours are Tuesday from 9 a.m. – noon, Friday from 9 a.m. – noon, and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Her home is gray-brown with pink trim.

Your recyclable bottles can help feed neighbors in need. Proceeds from the bottle drive will be divided equally among the three local food pantries.

For more information, please contact Connie at 993-2294.

Fresh Florida citrus delivered to your door

The Palermo Community Center and Food Pantry is sponsoring a safe annual fruit sale. The oranges, grapefruit, mandarins, and more go from the tree to the shipper in mere hours and arrive at your door ­ – or anywhere in the continental U.S.A. you send them. Shipping fees are only $6.95 a box – no matter how big the box is. You can do all your Christmas shopping with a few clicks of a mouse!

For those not online, it’s possible to order by phone: 1-800-468-3168. Use code 1018996. On a computer, go to: Florida Indian River Groves to see the catalogue of fruit boxes. This sale lasts until November 13, and you have a choice of Thanksgiving or Christmas delivery. Either way, the fruit is bundled up in foam against the cold and bumps along the way. If you need help, please call Connie at 993-2294.

PHOTO: A beautiful scene of the season

Ashley Wills, of Palermo, photographed this beautiful fall scene on September 30, on the west side of Sheepscot Lake, in Palermo.

Branch Mills Grange to host chicken & dumpling drive-up

The Branch Mills Grange will host a chicken and dumplings and pie drive-up on Saturday, October 17, from 4 – 6 p.m., for $7 per serving. Pre-orders (optional) can be place from October 10 – 16, at 5 p.m., by calling Grange Master Ann Bako and (207) 445-2707. The grange is located on Branch Mills Rd., at the China/Palermo line.

PHOTO: Sunset over Sheepscot Lake

Ashley Wills, of Palermo, took this spectacular sunset over Sheepscot Lake on September 25. The sunsets in recent weeks have been remarkable.

Gary Miller retires from presidency of Sheepscot Lake Association

Current president Slater Cladell , left, recognizing Gary’s service and dedication to protect the health and beauty of the lake he loves. The association is grateful for his commitment and looks forward to his continued support and involvement as a member. (contributed photo)

“We can find meaning and reward by serving some higher purpose than ourselves, a shining purpose, the illumination of a thousand points of light.” ― George H.W. Bush

This quote by our 41st president recognizes the need for individuals to share their time and energies with worthy causes. Gary Miller recognized a need nine years ago when he joined and helped found the newly-formed Sheepscot Lake Association (SLA), in Palermo. As a founding member he helped form the mission of the association to: “…work with property owners, local and state officials to preserve, enhance, and protect the beauty and quality of Sheepscot Lake and its adjacent areas.”

Soon after Gary Miller was elected president of the SLA and served for eight years. Under his leadership the membership grew and the programs expanded to include water quality inspections, courtesy boat inspections, annual loon count and participation in the Lake Smart program.

For more information about the Sheepscot Lake Association or to become a member please email

Submitted by Pam McKenny and Carolyn Viens.

New roof at Palermo Community Center

Tim Fletcher working on the roof of the Palermo Community Center. (contributed photo)

Finally, after years of saving and fund-raising, the Palermo Community Center, on Turner Ridge Road, is getting a new roof! Now the Palermo Food Pantry will have a comfortable, dry place to provide nourishing food to area residents, and the Living Communities Foundation, which owns the building, will be able to carry on with its community programs, as soon as the COVID crisis allows.

“We are so grateful to our volunteers, donors, and supporters, who put in a lot of time, effort, and their own resources to help make this happen,” said Connie Bellet, president of the foundation. “Pauline York’s daughter, Diana Murphy, also recently donated a refrigerator-freezer as the growing food pantry needed the space. It’s been a productive month so far!”

The foundation is still looking for a donated chest freezer no more than eight feet in length. To donate a working freezer, please contact Bellet at 993-2294. The LCF is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, so donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.