I’M JUST CURIOUS: Wandering Nanas using winter hacks

by Debbie Walker

Do you remember my column on November 14 was about “Winter Hacks?” When I wrote that I might have been a little cocky because I am in Florida and avoiding your nasty, snowy cold winters. I should have known better than to be so brashy. It’s not good, it will come back to haunt me every time! We will get back to ‘weather’ in a little bit.

So… The Wandering Nanas (my friend, Nana Dee and myself, Nana Daffy) had been planning another trip to Ohio and Pennsylvania. We went up in June and were making a return trip to celebrate Dee’s Aunt Jean’s 95th birthday.

It is a beautiful trip going up to Walnut Creek, Ohio. You go through a section of the Smokey Mountains, what a view! Driving isn’t too bad in most cases, however, there are some aggravating road nit-wits. And then there are also some of Mother Nature’s critters who make driving tricky. We came so close to hitting a deer. We were aware that some of the deer, five to be exact, had gone to Deer Heaven that day on the side of the roads. We did not want to add to the list. A couple of nights later we met a deputy who wanted to forewarn us that the deer are in rutting season and are subject to some crazy, careless decisions.

Aunt Jean had a very nice birthday. She celebrated with her son, his wife, the Wandering Nanas and some of the residents of her assisted living center. She is looking forward to more birthdays! We plan to be at each one.

The next day we made our way to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, without getting lost. The day after we got there it snowed! The next morning we had to do the snowy, icy, clean off the truck dance. I brought my snow brush and scraper, thank goodness. Now if you remember the ‘ Weather Hacks’ comments from the column on November 14, I spoke of the alcohol spray for the windshield and windows.’ I used it there and left it for Dee’s niece, Jackie, who had never heard of such. She liked the idea.

Just before we left, I missed a three-inch step. That’s right, I fell directly to the floor and I must admit to thinking I heard something crack. When I was able to stand on it I figured it was just a sprain. It wasn’t easy to walk but I could drive easily, and I drove us the two days back to Florida. The next morning I went to the doctor and was sent for X-rays. Oh yes, I had done it, and it was, indeed, broken, and would require surgery. Yuck!

Nana Dee in the meantime got hit with a sinus and ear infection but we made it back to Sunny Florida! It has been a bit chilly but nothing like Ohio or Pennsylvania. I dug out my Christmas sweaters this morning. I will start wearing them the day after Thanksgiving. I sincerely wish for you all had a wonderful day with family and friends.

I’m just curious what your favorite part of the meal is. Every family seems to have some special thing they do or cook, share your favorites with us please. Some of us might enjoy trying it for Christmas.


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