FISHY PHOTOS: Good day on the ice!

Hunter Hallee, 14, of Rome, had a successful day ice fishing a few weeks ago. Here, he shows off the smallmouth bass he caught while fishing with his maternal grandfather.

Hunter displays a rather large yellow perch he also caught that day, at some undisclosed location in Belgrade. His father, Ryan Hallee, of Rome, exclaimed, “that is the biggest tiger trout I’ve ever seen. Even his trash fish are big.”

Give Us Your Best Shot! for Thursday, March 25, 2021

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LOOKING PRETTY: Joan Chaffee, of Clinton, captured this male cardinal perched in a tree.

COOLING HIS FEET: Michael Bilinsky, of China Village, snapped this great blue heron soaking its feet in China Lake.

NOT A FLOWER: Joan Ferrone, of China, photographed this flower wannabe. It’s actually a mushroom.

PHOTO: Mother Nature masterpiece

Emily Poulin, of South China, photographed this snowflake on the hood of her car one morning this past winter. Surely, a magnificent display of Mother Nature’s beauty.

FISHY PHOTO: First fish through the ice

Tyler White, son of Nathan and Alison, caught his first fish through the ice on February 14, during the China Four Seasons Club fishing derby. He was hoping to get a big one to enter but, hey, a little one (a pickerel) is just as good. (contributed photo)

PHOTO: Didn’t get the memo

While not likely an Erskine Academy student, this guy(?) showed up on the school’s front lawn last week. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo that the snow sculpture contest at Winter Carnival was canceled this year. (photo by Bob Bennett)