FOR YOUR HEALTH: The American Dream All Over The World

(NAPSI)—Most people know someone who has dreamed of leaving the rigidity of a 9 to 5 job to pursue the flexibility of entrepreneurship. The majority don’t pursue that avenue, and the reasons vary, including financial obligations, time constraints, or fear of the unknown.

In fact, two in five Americans dream about the day they can tell their boss they quit, but it’s not necessarily because they hate their job—instead, it’s because 67 percent have dreams of being an entrepreneur, according to new research commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition.

And people really do feel their ideas can change the world—results show that, of those who aspire to open a business, 68 percent believe their idea would be revolutionary for the industry.

People often associate entrepreneurship with “The American Dream,” but according to the research that surveyed 23,500 respondents—spanning 24 countries and including 2,000 Americans—looking at the entrepreneurship dreams of people around the globe, as well as their motivations and the challenges, the entrepreneurial dream is shared globally.

“Starting a business from the ground up can be daunting but the opportunity to pursue your own passion can be a liberating and exciting experience,” said John DeSimone, co-president and Chief Strategic Officer, Herbalife Nutrition.

The International Survey

Across the globe, 64 percent of respondents cited their top reason to start a business was to follow a passion. For Americans, this was followed by becoming their own boss (59 percent), supporting their family (51 percent) and wanting to solve a problem/improve the world (36 percent).

The survey found that 52 percent of aspiring American entrepreneurs have already taken steps to open their business. But that doesn’t mean there’s an easy road in front of them: With all the barriers business owners face, 81 percent of Americans interested in starting a business feel overwhelmed by the prospect.

And 76 percent feel they may never have the opportunity to follow their dream, compared to 69 percent globally. Interestingly enough, 67 percent of Americans believe women face different challenges than men when it comes to opening a business, including “defying social expectations, dealing with limited access to funding and struggling to be taken seriously.”

The biggest barrier to entrepreneurship across the globe was found to be the initial cost of opening a business (65 percent). To finance the initial costs, Americans say they would use their own money (67 percent), followed by investors (36 percent) and money from family (34 percent).

Where Is the Opportunity?

As the gig economy explodes, more and more people are picking up a side gig to supplement their income, and that often involves selling products. As it stands, the side gig looks to be set to spread widely among all generations, perhaps becoming key income support for everyone from twenty-somethings to those who have supposedly long retired.

In fact, about a quarter of all Americans—that’s 81 million people—participate in the sharing economy, according to the Pew Research Center. Of that, a record 18.6 million Americans now make a living or supplement their income with direct sales, according to the latest data available from the Direct Selling Association.

As a result of the flexibility afforded by the gig economy, direct selling is proving to be an increasingly appealing option for people in search of the entrepreneurial opportunity of making part-time or full-time income. Direct selling is an industry that has always championed the power of free enterprise and a flexible, entrepreneurial approach to work. Now, more than ever, American innovation and dynamic change have pushed this important model to the forefront of the collective economic future.

Float winners at 2019 Palermo Days parade

During the Palermo Days parade, the Pollard family’s Pool Party captured first place for a family float. (photo courtesy of Pat Clark)

The Palermo Elementary School students’ float, American Heritage, took first place for organizations. (photos courtesy of Pat Clark)

Legal Notices for Thursday, August 29, 2019

18-A MRSA sec. 3-801

The following Personal Representatives have been appointed in the estates noted. The first publication date of this notice August 30, 2019

If you are a creditor of an estate listed below, you must present your claim within four months of the first publication date o f this Notice to Creditors by filing a written statement o f your claim on a proper form with the Register of Probate of this Court or by delivering or mailing to the Personal Representative listed below at the address published by his name, a written statement of the claim indicating the basis therefore, the name and address of the claimant and the amount claimed or in such other manner as the law may provide. See 18-A MRSA 3-804.

2019-260 – Estate of HELENE N. VIGUE, late of Fairfield, Me deceased. Dana D. Vigue, 70 Presley Drive, East Boothbay, ME 04544 appointed Personal Representative.

2019 – 262 – Estate of EDWARD J. STAMPER IV, late ofSkowhegan, Me deceased. Edward J. Stamper III, 188 James Road, Cornville, Me 04976 and Susan A. Stamper, 25 Freedman Lane, Munroe, CT 06468 appointed Co-Personal Representatives.

2019-264 – Estate of PEARL A. BENDER, late of Skowhegan, Me deceased. Robert J. Bender, Jr., 6 Leighton Street, Apt. 1, Waterville, Me 04901 appointed Personal Representative.

2019-267- Estate of BERNARD C. CONNER, late ofNorridgewock, Me deceased. Priscilla C. Conner, 31 Airport Road, Norridgewock, Me 04957 appointed Personal Representative.

2019-270 – Estate of MILDRED M. LAGASSE, late ofMadison, Me deceased. David Lagasse, 475 Middle Road, Skowhegan, Me 04976 and Edward T. Lagasse, Sr., 158 Horsetail Hill Road, Madison, Me 04950 appointed Co-Personal Representatives.

2019-271 – Estate of VIOLA J. PERKINS, late ofMadison, Me deceased. Ronald L. Greenleaf, 401 White School House Road, Madison, Me 04950 appointed Personal Representative.

2019-273 – Estate of STEVEN A. STRIGA, late ofPalmyra, Me deceased. Joanne Salisbury, 127 Square Road, Palmyra, Me 04965 appointed Personal Representative.

2019-276 – Estate of WAYNE F. SMITH, late of Moscow, Me deceased. Lise T. Smith, PO Box 599, Bingham, Me 04920 appointed Personal Representative.

2019-277 – Estate of JOYCE B. GIPSON, late ofMadison, Me deceased. Thomas W. Gipson, 2121 New Tampa Highway, F38, Lakeland, FL 33815 appointed Personal Representative.

To be published on August 29 and September 5.

Dated: August 26, 2019
/s/ Victoria Hatch,
Register of Probate



Notice is hereby given by the respective petitioners that they have filed petitions for appointment of personal representatives in the following estates. These matters will be heard at 10 a.m. or as soon thereafter as they may be September 11, 2019. The requested appointments may be made on or after the hearing date if no sufficient objection be heard. This notice complies with the requirements of 18-A MRSA §3-403 and Probate Rule 4.

2019-228 – Estate of AMANDA LEI BOYCE. Petition for Change ofName (Adult) filed by Amanda Lei Boyce, 48 Town Landing Road, Saint Albans, Me 04971 requesting her name be changed to Manda Lei Stewart for reasons set forth therein.

2019-230 – Estate of ASPYN EMBER BOYCE. Petition for Change ofName (Minor) filed by Amanda Lei Boyce, 48 Town Landing Road, Saint Albans, Me 04971 requesting minor’s name be changed to Aspyn Ember Stewart for reasons set forth therein.

2019-231 – Estate of TRENT DOUGLAS BOYCE. Petition for Change ofName (Minor) filed by Amanda Lei Boyce, 48 Town Landing Road, Saint Albans, Me 04971 requesting minor’s name be changed to Trent Douglas Stewart for reasons set forth therein.

2019-279 – Estate of MARY DAWN HUMPHREY. Petition or Change ofName (Adult) filed by Mary Dawn Humphrey, PO Box 96, Athens, Me 04912 requesting her name be changed to Mary Dawn Shorey for reasons set forth therein.

Dated: August 26, 2019
/s/ Victoria Hatch
Registrar of Probate

Roland’s Trivia Question for Thursday, August 29, 2019

Mike Lodish was the first NFL player to play in six Super Bowls with the Bills (4) and Broncos (2). Who is the NFL player to appear in the most Super Bowls?


Tom Brady, of the New England Patriots, with nine Super Bowl appearances.

I’m Just Curious: Crazy September holidays

by Debbie Walker

Once again it is time to see what other holidays are in September, other than just Labor Day weekend. I hope something here makes you smile.

Sept 2, Labor Day: We celebrate “the working man/woman’s holiday.” It is also considered by most as the end of summer. (In Florida when I managed a swimming pool in a retirement community the patrons seemed to also swim at a northern schedule.)

2nd again: This is the day of the signing of Japan’s surrender that ended World War ll. Please honor all our veterans each day, not just on the military holidays.

9/5: Be Late For Something Day: To celebrate this holiday all you have to do is be late for anything except dinner!

9/6: Fight Procrastination Day: The theme for today is, “Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today!” (You must have known you would pay for the Be Late Day!)

9/11: Make Your Bed Day: If you make your bed every day, today you would not make it. For those who don’t make their bed every day, today is your day to make the bed. You might even change up the sheets.

9/13: Blame Someone Else Day: Today you don’t have to take the blame for anything. One caution here, remember, others will also be passing off blame. Well, another caution: Any blame you place today, can come back to bite you tomorrow!

9/15: Make a Hat Day: The rule is simple. Just make a hat. If you make it for yourself, half the fun is making, the other half is wearing it. Or you could make a hat for someone else. Either way, please do have fun!

9/15: Wife Appreciation Day: This day was originally to honor wives with no children; however, all husbands might do well to honor their wives today. You might get a more positive wife when you acknowledge her on this day, everyday.

9/18: National Cheese Burger Day: I am sure you know people who will be celebrating this unusual holiday. No one seems to know how it was created. But no one seems to care either.

9/20: National Punch Day: According to, this holiday is one of the unheard-of holidays. Seems that it could be one of three versions of punch. There is the Punch you drink, the Punch from your fist or the tool kind of Punch; your choice which one you want to celebrate. I’d be careful about the first one, it could have lasting effects.

9/23: Autumn Equinox Day: It’s the beginning of fall, folks. Enjoy while you can. Enjoy the fall festivals around you. If you get a chance take a hayride.

9/27: Native American Day: You are encouraged on this day (every day) to spend this day learning about our Native Americans, the true original settlers in America. Have you ever been to a pow wow? It’s amazing what you can learn by ‘listening.’

9/28: Ask a Stupid Question Day: My day! Truthfully the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask. That’s how you learn. Keep in mind, some folks just won’t know the answers.

I am just curious which new holiday or holidays you will choose. Let me know. I’ll be waiting at for any questions or comments.


George Enescu

Peter Catesby Peter Cates

George Enescu

This past August 19 was the 138th anniversary of the birth of the great Romanian composer , violinist, conductor and teacher, George Enescu (1881-1955), whose musical legacy is still drawing ever-increasing attention and appreciation. The number of his compositions is very large and ranges through most classical forms. His own recordings as a violinist and conductor are easily accessed via YouTube, CD transfers and other sources.

Recently, I have been listening to YouTubes of him conducting his 2nd Romanian Rhapsody, itself more lyrical and less brash than the first; and participating in his Octet for Strings with eight colleagues, both of them recorded and released in the U.S. on very cheap Remington LPs. He recorded his 3rd Violin Sonata, one of very haunting beauty, with Romanian pianist, Dinu Lipatti, who died very young of leukemia, at the age of 33, in the very early 1950s.

The Sears Roebuck label, Silvertone, released a red vinyl 78 of him conducting a vibrant Debussy Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun.

Yehudi Menuhin

He was admitted to the Vienna Conservatory of Music when he was seven and met Brahms during those early years, who was his idol. His own students included the violinists Yehudi Menuhin, with whom he recorded the Bach Double Violin Concerto; Christian Ferras; Arthur Grumiaux; Ida Haendel; Uto Ughi and Joan Field.

I also highly recommend a listen to the YouTube of his opera, Oedipide, based on Sophocle’s Oedipus Rex, the mythical King, who, according to satirist Tom Lehrer, just “loved his mother!”





2019 Real Estate Tax Due Dates


Monday, September 30


(pay all up front or semi-annually)
Friday, September 27
Friday, March 27, 2020


Thursday, October 17


(pay all up front or quarterly)
Monday, September 23
Monday, November 25
Monday, February 24, 2020
Monday, April 27, 2020


(pay all up front or quarterly)
October 11
December 13
March 13, 2020
June 12, 2020


(pay all up front or biannually)
September 30 or
Half on Sept. 30
and half March 31, 2020

RSU #18 receives delivery of propane powered buses

Lennie Goff, transportation director of RSU #18, with one of the new “Green Birds” propane-powered buses.

by Dan Cassidy

That’s right … A fleet of three new propane school buses arrived at the Oakland School Garage recently. What used to be known as the “Blue Bird” fleet of diesel engines are now called “Green Birds,” according to Lennie Goff, transportation director of Messalonskee RSU #18 school district.

“The biggest changes in the new fleet are that they run on Propane Autogas rather than unleaded or diesel fuel. And they are very quiet running and warm up faster during cold weather,” he said.

The new fleet includes 2020 propane fed engines. “Two are 78 passenger and one handicapped bus that is a 36 passenger equipped with wheel chair lifts and five wheel chair secured systems to be locked down with seat belts and harness straps worn by students during transit.

“The new buses will see that the fuel costs are going to be substantially less than the diesel or gas engines,” Goff said. “They cost about 30 percent less and are more environmentally friendly. Diesel cost is about $2.35 per gallon, whereas propane fuel is about $1.06 per gallon, plus we’ll get a 37-cent rebate bringing down the cost to under 70 cents per gallon,” he said.

According to Goff, the school district is looking to purchase two more propane buses through a Volkswagen emissions grant.

Central Church opens free coffee shop

Central Church, a multi-site church in Central Maine, is excited to announce the opening of Central Grounds. A grand opening celebration was held on July 30, at their China Campus (627 Route 3).

The mission of Central Grounds goes beyond providing a space for people to come and enjoy free coffee – It’s about bringing people together and building a community without barriers of money or socioeconomic status. Central Church’s Lead Pastor Dan Coleman says, “Coffee has been a part of our story from day one. We recognize the power of invitation and we have seen lives change over a cup of coffee at both of our campuses.” Everyone belongs at Central Grounds.

Coleman adds, “As someone who calls China home, I recognize this as a need in our community. Our staff and volunteers at Central Church are humbled to be able to provide the space for these meaningful relationships to form.”

The coffee brewing at Central Grounds also comes with a deeper purpose. The coffee shop will serve HOPE Coffee. HOPE Coffee works with local churches in Honduras and Mexico to support clean water, building and repair projects with the goal to demonstrate the love of Jesus to those in need in a very real way.

Central Church is a multi-site church with a mission to Love Jesus, Love Others, and Help Others Love Jesus. With more than 1,000 people attending weekend services, they are one of the fastest growing churches in Central Maine and are known for a commitment to bringing Jesus into their communities through family-focused programming and outreach events. Their five identical services are Saturdays (Augusta Campus) at 6 p.m., and Sundays (China & Augusta Campuses) at 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Streaming of weekend services are also available online:

Palermo Christian Church: there’s a new pastor in town

Pastor Eric Dubois, back right, with wife of 12 years Kaitlin, and children Caleb, Anna, Luke, Noah and Lydia. Contributed photo

compiled by Eric Dubois, Phyllis Thorne and Sandy Keller

Following months of interviewing numerous candidates, the congregation of Palermo Christian Church is excited to introduce their new pastor, Eric Dubois.

Eric is relocating to Palermo with his wife of 12 years, Kaitlin and children Caleb, Anna, Luke, Noah and Lydia (pictured). When you see them in the community welcome them. They are looking forward to meeting you and becoming part of the community.

Because Eric has lived all but seven years of his life in New England (New Hampshire and Maine), he is familiar with the environment and context of ministry that is unique to this area. While specifically looking for a position in New England he found the posting for Palermo Christian Church on the Ministry List website of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Hamilton, MA. After applying for the position in February of this year, undergoing telephone interviews, emails and finally a visit in June, the church membership voted unanimously in July to call him as their next pastor.

Having worked 12 years at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Eric resigned and moved with his family to Louisville Kentucky where he completed his Master of Theology (having prior completed his Master of Divinity at Capital Bible Seminary). Over the years he has had significant experience serving in local congregations through preaching, leading youth groups and small groups, teaching Sunday School, and serving as deacon and elder. He has interned at two churches and recently participated in a pastor apprenticeship program at his last church. He is well prepared for his first position as Pastor.

When asked what his expectations are for small town ministry, Eric responded with: “First, to become part of the local community and make life-long friendships while establishing roots for our family. Second, to lead the local church community which comes from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, yet is unified by their common faith in the gospel, their common dependence on God’s resources, their common love for Jesus, and their common allegiance to Jesus as king.  Third, to deepen and strengthen the faith of God’s people by helping them lean on God as they go through the various seasons and joys and struggles of life.”

Palermo Christian Church has a 51 year history of teaching the love of God as revealed to us in the Bible. Godly leaders including Dale Flynn,(May 1968 – August 1968), Fred Williams (July 1969 – November 1981), David Jones, assistant pastor (April 1970 – January 1976), David Kibbe (September 1978 – June 1982), and Ed Hatch (June 1982 – Dec 2018) have led the congregation of Palermo Christian Church and the church is excited to add Eric Dubois to this list with great expectations for God to work through him as he leads the congregation forward.