Albion Neighborhood News, Week of July 21, 2016

by Mary Lee Rounds

Summer…Picnics, ants, swimming at the old swimming hole, pool, lake or ocean and seeing friends who have been in warmer weather all winter. You give them back their “in case of an emergency” key and go on with your life.

Recently, we took a cruise to Bermuda. I had four months to prepare for it, thought I was ready, then discovered the day was upon me.  Carefully throwing things into my suitcase as well as taking all the shoes  I would need, my feet hurt a lot,  I change shoes  frequently and off we went.  Standing at the ship, preparing to get on I reached for my non-existent passport.  (Being one to follow instructions, I had made a photocopy of it and left the  original in the copier. They won’t recognize a copy, so why bother?)  The very nice lady asked me if I had my birth certificate.  How many of you have your birth certificate on your person in case you forget your passport?  Unfortunately, I didn’t, and she could not let me on board the ship.  Three people were standing there looking at me, I told my husband to go as the money was already spent and I would go to my  cousins on “The Cape.” The answer was no. Then the woman said if you had been born anywhere in Massachusetts you could go over about two blocks and get your birth certificate and I can let you on.  My answer:  How about 1944 Boston???  She told me where to get the taxi, called ahead to vital statistics, let me right on when I got back and walked me through all of the security lines, saying “this is the one who forgot her passport.”  Imagine the surprise of my traveling group who I met on their way to the rooms at the elevator.  The rest of the trip was quite uneventful and enjoyable.

Mrs. Crosby’s house between the Besse Building and Post Office has been purchased by Laura and Joe Strohman. It was becoming quite the  eye sore in town. Now the lawn and field have been cut, renovations are occurring inside with as many original style wood, doors, etc., as possible.   Many other improvements have been planned. Hats off to the Strohman’s. Rumor has it there are other changes on the way to Main Street, hopefully making it a more inviting place for people to recognize it as a town they might like to reside in.

Johnny’s has turned those fields on the flat into gardens. They are a wonderful business and keeping the area very clean.  Roads are getting patched which makes for a much better ride. Even the state is hot topping the road to Belfast.

Hopefully, I have caught up from the last 2 weeks.

Have a wonderful rest of July.


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