LETTERS: Opposed to candidate because of past performance

To the editor:

I feel compelled to write this letter to both the selectmen, the selectmen candidates and the residents of the Town of China. I am concerned that Peter Foote, a former selectman, may be a candidate for re-election as a selectman for the Town of China. My reason for concern is under the former town manager, when Mr. Foote was also serving as a selectman, he was asked to write a job description for a new position as public works director. He not only wrote the job description but he applied for the very same job. I feel persons involved, as the town manager as well as Mr. Foote, would have been aware that this was inappropriate and perhaps illegal. Many China residents attended a board of selectmen meeting to express their concern. To the very best of my memory, the town manager apologized and said he didn’t realize it, and it was an error. That particular job as director of public works has never been filled although they did hire a public works manager with a small monetary increase above fellow public works employees to compensate for the extra workload as well as the current job.

I believe the selectman that we vote in to serve the town of China should be there to serve all the residents as well as the residents who are employed by the Town of China. They should listen to the people they serve and be sure the people that work for the Town of China are treated and recognized as a valuable asset to our town.

It is important that they seek to lower taxes but not as their sole goal. We are all in hard times with the price of gas and groceries, etc. but sometimes the means of cutting taxes may be hurting the town’s future. I am referring to the sale of the town’s property, thinking they could earn money on taxes especially if it was subdivided into housing lots. I ask was this relatively small amount of money worth it in the long run when a group was trying to improve the town by adding a park for all residents and perhaps someday a community center that would be a safe place for teens to gather to play cards, chess, pool, ping pong, etc., and for residents to have a time to gather to do the same thing, especially senior citizens who need a place to socialize.

Summarizing I do not have faith in Mr. Foote as a candidate for such a trusted position. I also thank the selectmen who do put the Town of China residents and employees’ interests and well-being as the most important part of their service.

Thank you.

Marilyn Reed


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  1. Kary P CASEY
    Kary P CASEY says:

    I would like to offer an alternative view on the letter concerning Peter Foote. Pete Foote is a friend and most importantly a good person. He served the Town well in the past and will again, if voted in by the people. Did the person who wrote the letter know all of the facts concerning the public works director position? Is the person who wrote the letter to the editor a relative of the current Public Works Manager? If so, this should possibly have been stated in the letter.

    If you don’t like or agree with the people running for office, it’s easy, don’t vote for them. If you do, get out and vote! This letter does not tell you who to go vote for though reading the letter about Peter portrayed him in an unfavorable light with the possibility of not knowing the whole story, which is unfair no matter who it is.

    I agree, all town residents’ voices should be heard by our elected selectboard. The Town of China employees should be treated fairly and equally though no perk because they are town residents. Every Town has to do what is best for the residents/voters of the town. Just like any employee, if you do your job well you should be compensated and appreciated. You are compensated for the work performed not where you live.

    The letter to the editor continued with the discussion of the sale of the town’s property. The voters spoke. The voters wanted the land sold and that is what the selectboard did, I did attend this meeting. The article voted on by the Town was read at the meeting as was the vote count. I voted to sell the land and I thank the board for following through with the voters wishes.

    Full disclosure, my husband is on the Selectboard. I write this letter on my own and not a single word or thought has been contributed by my husband, I’m pretty sure he has his own.

    Thank you for your time and to the Townline for allowing my opinion to be heard.

    Get Out and Vote! It is a right we should not take for granted!

    Kary Casey


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