I’m Just Curious: Fern and the New Flower

I’m Just Curious

by Debbie Walker

I have had a few requests for another Fairy Story, so here it is. Enjoy!

Fern, the youngest of the Bailey fairy family spent most of her time with the wild flowers. Since Momma named her Fern and dressed her as a fern plant she blended in with the wild flowers quite well and loved her time with them.

She didn’t usually go near the house behind Apple Tree Notch, the one the people had bought recently. Her sister Daisy and brother Twig had already had some encounters with the people’s children. She had seen one, the girl, Tristin, but thankfully that day Tristin was only interested in Hoppy Toad and didn’t see her.

Fern just loved the flowers and she had a nose for finding them. There was a new flower smell that she kept sniffing and decided today was the day to check it out. It was in the direction of the house.

She slowly approached the house, hiding in the grass. Since she was the same color she blended in well. So she crept a little closer and there, right there, was where that beautiful smell was coming from. Up along the house someone had added a new flower. It was beautiful.

Fern tried to talk to the flower but she was not friendly. Fern finally asked her why she was so unfriendly. She told Fern that she was a special flower. “Well, of course,” Fern told her “I understand that because all flowers are special.” With that comment the new flower got all puffed up and threw out some more of her scent. She told Fern she was special because she was a Rose and needed a lot of special care. She was not a common wild flower. She even pointed out her thorns growing on her stalk explaining they were to protect her from animals or people who might harm her.

Fern just looked up at the rose and said “I’ll bet you’re lonely without friends.” Rose replied “I don’t need friends, I’m special.” So with that Fern walked away feeling sad for the Rose. Fern thought to herself, ‘everyone needs friends sometime.’

So Fern went back and visited her friends the wild flowers and Hoppy Toad even came by for a visit. That child, Tristin, was trying to find him again!

When Fern went home that afternoon she was still thinking about the Rose and started talking about the visit with her mother. Her mother knew what a Rose was, she had seen them before. Her mother told her not to hold it against the Rose because these were things she had been taught. She had never learned that we all are special in our own way. Momma said she might wait a few days and try again.

Fern went back to visiting the wild flowers and laughed because she saw Hoppy Toad just in time to get away from Tristin.

Fern was bothered because she smelled an odd odor and she knew it had something to do with the Rose. So she went to see. The smell was definitely from Rose and she was not happy.

When Fern asked her what the problem was the Rose told her that the people had sprayed her with something she didn’t like. They said she had some kind of bugs on her, trying to eat her leaves and it was painful.

Fern told Rose she could help her. Fern figured out how to use the thorns to help her climb up higher and she found the bugs and sprinkled them with fairy dust and they all flew away.

Rose was so grateful for Fern’s help. She said “how did you do that?” Fern just reminded her that everyone has something special about them and if we share all the special things it makes everyone happy.

From that day on Rose was never selfish with her beautiful smell. She was always pleased to see Fern and looked forward to meeting the others.

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed. I love writing my Fairy stories and sharing with you and the kids. Contact me at dwdaffy@yahoo.com.


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