I’m Just Curious: Likely events

by Debbie Walker

Tonight on the evening news, as has been other times, part of their chat was about “Distracted Driving.” Recently most folks hear those two words and their first thought goes right to cell phone use.

Driving distractions have probably been going on longer than I can remember. Were you ever one of the parents with your auto’s back seat full of children? How many times did you hear “He touched me!,” “She’s looking at me!,” “Ouch, you hurt me!?” So how many times did you have your right arm and hand over the back of that front seat trying to referee a fight? Now remember, no seat belts either so the kids can move all over the place. Is this a memory for you? Oh yeah, driving distractions have been around for a long time.

Okay, this “pot” thing is rather interesting. I think most of us knew when the government figured out a way to get a cut of the money, it would be legalized. Still there are some real issues involved, such as the states and the feds not agreeing on the subject, that’s quite a joke. (Sarcasm here!)

I realize pot use has changed over the years and there are medical reasons for the use. My mind goes back to the times when it was either smoked or eaten in brownies.

I think it’s interesting about what is acceptable in our culture. I have written before about lighting up a cigarette in a restaurant and “Oh my word” a ruckus would follow. However, at the next table over may be Joe and he is drunk and a bit obnoxious, but that’s okay, they (?) know him. Oh yeah, did I tell you he is his own driver?

A doctor friend of mine laid out some of the medical problems created from pot use. He put together quite a list of proven problems. It’s harsh to say the least, and serious.

I smoked cigarettes for years. Ken and I both quit about three years ago. There is, I am sure, a harsh list of problems that follow smoking. COPD seems to be one. It affects your breathing easily or not breathing at all.

So we go back to Joe who was drinking at the restaurant. Those people are disgusted with my cigarettes because they say it affects them with second hand smoke. Those same people know Joe and that he is driving himself home, but, oh well, they are driving, too. Accidents happen every day; they are called “accidents” but are they? If you get behind the wheel impaired, is it really an “accident”?

I remember a phrase used at school, “cause and effect.” I suppose that would fit here, too. I guess people have to study, ask questions of each other and make decisions for themselves.

As usual I’M JUST CURIOUS what your thoughts are. I’d love the questions and comments sent to dwdaffy@yahoo.com. Sub line: Events. Thanks again for reading and remember we are online, too.


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